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Your top 3 people ! I c


GO…..! by Flamin’ Mo on Flickr.

Aurora Over Mt. Hood, Oregon (by Shane Michael Black)

Funny Stuff you like?

If i was a good friend i would have known were u is going

Now this is art! ! #fixedgear #oakland

Never been hurt so much by a text

I just feel more dumbd and dumber by every text u send me


No one understads me :/ all i want is some one to adk me hecka questions about how i feel about u ( no holds bar)

Canot belive this ! How did this even happen :/

My smile bc she replied :)

To be friends not more than friends

Gess am just going to go back to the person who liked me once bc no one seems to interact with me :/

This is the only social i have